Thursday, May 2, 2024

I’m pretty much done with Joe Biden. He’s accusing the student protesters of causing chaos, but the reality is that in almost every case the chaos is caused by right-wing counter protesters and the inevitable police riot that occurs at the end. All so what, he can let Bibi just keep walking right up to the genocide line before he goes all in?

I’m lucky to live in a state where my vote can’t throw the election to Trump. And Jill Stein is looking really tempting at this point.

I mean, are we seriously at the point that we are choosing between overt authoritarianism and letting the authoritarians run the country anyway while the Democrats pretend to be in power?

Joe Biden is just another one of the white liberals that MLK wrote about in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail. They’re so concerned about the appearances of the protest and their political lives that they’re unwilling to consider that maybe what the protesters are asking for is morally right.