Thursday, June 23, 2022

Moloch, the God of the United States, is pleased.

Basically, the Trump SCOTUS is telling us that there will be nowhere to run from the coming gun apocalypse. Even if you live in a state that wants to implement semi-sane gun regulations, you will not be allowed to do so. And the murders of our children are collateral damage needed to protect a made up Constitutional right based on an activist right-wing interpretation that didn’t exist for the first two hundred years of our country’s existence.

But hey, the Trump SCOTUS is about to provide an additional supply of bodies to sacrifice to Moloch by outlawing abortion, so that’s something, right evangelicals?

The NY Times thinks the Trump SCOTUS is Pro-Religion

The NY Times thinks the Trump SCOTUS is Pro-Religion

This is why I can’t subscribe to the New York Times. On the day after the court passed a so-called “Pro-Religion” ruling (which this religious person opposes because it will be largely used to advance Christian Nationalist beliefs that I find to be harmful), the Court then ruled that we should make our society even more violent by letting anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon. Which I find to be the exact opposite of the way that Jesus taught and modeled (so, arguably Anti-Religion). If by “Pro-Religion” you mean “Pro-Moloch Worship” or “Pro-Theocracy,” then sure. But would it hurt them to be more precise and to recognize that a large portion of the religious folks in this country are opposed to the so-called “Pro-Religion” policies of this court?

You know your denomination is bonkers when it leaves the National Association of Evangelicals because it considers them a bunch of liberal squishes.