Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Twenty years ago, I figured that society would at least make some sort of effort to combat climate change to prevent the worst-case scenario. Ten years ago I figured that when the shit started to really hit the fan we would do something.. anything. Well, the shit is hitting the fan right now (and has been for the past few summers), and there is no evidence that human civilization has the capability to stop the worst outcomes. We can’t even get people to wear a mask in a pandemic.

So at this point, I figure the best I can do is try to encourage my kids to relocate closer to the poles so that my descendants may have a chance of not dying when most of human civilization collapses.

Cue extreme sarcasm:

But hey, maybe voting for Republicans all those years will net save a couple hundred thousand fetuses a year from being aborted? I guess that’s worth losing a few billion people and all of modern human civilization by the time the climate finishes its warm-up, amirite?