Sunday, July 24, 2022

These two Twitter posts came up next to each other on my timeline:

In a nutshell, the proportion of “weekly church goers” under age 65 went from 82% to 61% between 1972 and 2021, with the steepest decline being in the 18-35 bracket which went from 28% to 15%. If you look at the resulting graphs, the church is about to get much, much smaller in the next generation.

The second tweet from Brian Zahnd talks about the German Christian movement, which was a Christian Nationalist movement that pre-dated and in many ways ushered in Naziism.

This sparked a question for me, given that Christian Nationalism is solidly ascendant in the rump Christian church of 21st Century America. It feels like we’re in a race right now – will the Boomers who so love their Christian Nationalism die off first, or will they succeed in imposing their Christian Nationalist theocracy before they go?

Speaking of Christian Nationalists, here is one making a great case for atheism, or any religion other than Christianity. And yes, if I were Pope, I would excommunicate her and declare her views anathema for sure.