Monday, July 25, 2022

Postcards from Babylon, a documentary inspired by Brian Zahnd’s book of the same name, is available to watch on YouTube (for free) starting today.

“Imposter Christianity”

This article on CNN about “imposter Christianity” is a good overview of the Christian Nationalist takeover of (re-emergence from within?) white evangelicalism. But it also leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable. I feel like it lets American Christianity off too easily. See, we’re the real Christians, and they are just imposters. But if the majority of Christians throughout this country hold to views that are compatible with Christian Nationalism, maybe the modifier isn’t necessary. It’s just that Christianity is rotten to the core and needs a wholesale teardown.

Number of times in history the church has been able to resist the temptation to abuse its privileged position in empire: 0.

Most Christians are afraid of what will happen if our society becomes largely secular like Europe. But to be honest, I welcome it. A church without power may actually have a chance to follow Jesus again.

Also, read this thread by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg about “not real Christians”.