Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Playlist

I’ve had a request on Mastodon to share my “Less Troubling Evangelical Worship” playlist, so here it is:

Grace Like a Wave – Elevation Worship
Everything Is Sacred – Pat Barrett
It Is So – Elevation Worship
So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong Worship & TAYA
Heart Of God – Hillsong Young & Free
Sparrows – Cory Asbury
Christ Be All Around Me – Michael W. Smith
God So Loved – We The Kingdom
Transfiguration – Hillsong Worship & TAYA
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) – Hillsong Worship & TAYA
Way Maker – Passion & Kristian Stanfill
The Blessing – Bethel Music & We The Kingdom
Our Father – Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson
All for Love (Gethsemane) – Luke + Anna Hellebronth
This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong Worship & Matt Crocker
He is Yahweh – Morning Star
King of Kings – Hillsong Worship & Brooke Ligertwood
All Praise – Sean Curran
Here Again – Elevation Worship
Light of Your Face – Misty Edwards
You Made a Way – Matt Gilman
Our Jesus – Amanda Cook
God Is On The Throne – We The Kingdom


  • Yep, a lot of these are from the “big four” worship bands from yesterday’s article. But I did the heavy lifting to filter out all of the “victory,” militarism, and “my God can beat up your God”ism.
  • The songs here lean heavily toward grace. If I were stranded on a desert island and only allowed one theological concept for the rest of my life, that would be it. There’s also a sprinkling of panentheism in a few of the songs if you listen to them the right way, although I’m sure the artists didn’t intend that.
  • This playlist is primarily intended to be a list of worship songs that I would actually feel comfortable singling along with in a church setting, but most of the artists with a spiritual bent that I really like to listen to (and who may not even be Christians anymore) aren’t in it. A few examples of those: Jars of Clay, Gungor, Pedro the Lion, Amanda Cook (who is ex-Bethel but has a more mystical theme to her more recent music), The Glorious Unseen, The Ember Days, and even U2!