Thursday, March 21, 2024

I had briefly heard about the story of the two aunts that died trying to “live off the grid,” but the details of the story really broke me:

”In the days before his family moved to live off the grid in the Colorado wilderness, 13-year-old Talon Vance told his online gaming friends goodbye.

”NOOO COME BACK,” the username Fluffy wrote. “Please I will give anything for you to come back,” another responded.

The 13-year-old who loved video games and computers transcribed the messages over 24 pages in a journal before his family left Colorado Springs for the remote Gold Creek campground outside Gunnison — a move prompted by his mother’s conspiratorial fears about global elites and the pandemic.”

All he wanted to do was be a normal 13-year old kid playing online games. But mom got in with the nutters on the Internet and murdered him, even though it isn’t being characterized as such. Our society is very, very sick.

While I am on the topic of murder committed by people who should be caring for a kid, Nex was murdered. The state of Oklahoma with its transphobic policies, the school administrators who couldn’t be bothered to protect kids from bullying, and the parents of the transphobic kids who had been harassing Nex all conspired to murder him. Whether ultimately it was the injuries suffered in the fight or suicide is irrelevant. If you make a kid’s life miserable, and they end up dead, you are a murderer. I sincerely hope the DOJ files a civil rights case against all of those entities, and that the family files wrongful death suits as well. It won’t be justice, but it’s still important to hold the people responsible to account.